Sunday, 27 April 2014

Shaving Foam Marbling

As many know I show many different ways of trying a technique.
We experimented with the traditional way of marbling and then
 I showed each session how to use shaving foam as a floater medium.
I love the reaction that this gets when I demonstrate it.
See how to play with this technique on my Tech Site
click HERE

Marbling Week

We have been Marble Printing this week in the studio.
Some over printed fabric they had made the previous week.
Everyone has had fun experimenting as Marbling is a very serendipity art.
I must say too the eldest student was 89 in the studio and my youngest student this week 7years old!
What an age range of creativity!
I have put a Video about 'The Art of The Marbler' on my Tech Site HERE

Blue Sparkle Nails and Compliments

Kim at 'Innovations' does a fantastic job of my nails every two weeks.
A new colour blue polish had arrived in so of course it was an easy choice.
It goes so well with the blue Josey and I had chosen for the Compliments Slips.
We are preparing all the stationary ready to launch The Old Art Room as a City and Guilds Centre.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Norfolk Open Studio Preparation

I picked up the Open Studios Brochures and we needed to add my page link to the front of the book.
Here Josey and I are doing just that with 150 of them.
Visit the website HERE

Gelli Plate Printing

With all the paints out in the studio I thought a Geli Plate and Mono Printing techniques would add
some more fun to the creating.
As you can see by these ones the colour combinations were fantastic. 
You can print on paper or fabric.
I prepared the A4 pieces of fabric before. 

Painted Textiles

These are some of the mixed media textiles that have been painted.
The one on the bottom was some old ribbon weaving which had been cream and had become very dirty so painting or dyeing it was the obvious choice.
I chose a bronze acrylic paint. It painted the beads well too! 
These pieces can then be over stitch and embellished. 

Painting Cream

Everyone has been working on their textured Paper or Textured Fabric pieces ready for painting.
I put different paints and dyes on the table for people to use and in the end had to set up a spray bay on the table to stop the roaming droplets going anywhere.
Pet trays work really well to colour in and stop the travel of colour.

Cut Back Leaf Cushion

Carole has been working on this cut back cushion for several weeks. Each block contains either a leaf or the background it has been cut from. The Back has appliqued leaves as a stitch detail

Monday Art Class

Every Monday we have Mixed Media Painting. 
I showed how I start an Abstract Painting (Blue top one)
Joan is continuing the miners painting, Ros started a new sea scape, Micheal started a Rose and Keran started an abstract too! 

Ballet Dancer

Chris downloaded this pattern of a Ballerina from the internet. ( I will put up the link shortly).
It is for her Grand Daughter who is appearing in a dance show shortly.
It is going to be framed.

Muriel has Completed Her Floral Quilt

Muriel has finished her Flowers and Dresden Plate Quilt.
It looks stunning and I am in awe of the Machine Stitching..
Well done Muriel.

Doris Finishes Her Sampler Quilt

Doris has finished her Sampler Quilt and she is so pleased. 
This is her first ever patchwork quilt.
Well Done Doris. 

Sixteen Patch Bag

Heatherann had some squares left over from her charm pack and waned to make one of the 
16 Patch Bag. I love it and it goes so well with her handbag:)
See more of these bags on Quilters Cottage my own blog site HERE 

Kim's Photo Transfer Cushion

Kim transfered a photo of her Great Grand Mother ,Grandmother, Mother and Sister.
Kim had collected some beautiful chinoiserie fabric and some silks.
Along with some printing on a Printing of music, sewing machine and a tree.
Her Grand Mother was a Tailor. Music was important to all of them
These she assembled and sewed together. On to the tree she stitched the names of the ladies, using the machine stitched letters. Such a lovely touch. 

Paper and Fabric Stitch

One of the workshops this month is using all the fabrics and papers you don't normally use that have texture or you wouldn't normally use, joining and stitching them together. neutrals are good because then they can be painted.

Sewing Tidy

Jackie is making a sewing tidy and we were all intrigued by the number of pockets.
As usual we had to translate the pattern!
Please when making a pattern make it very clear and have it make checked by someone who is a beginner. 


The Embellisher Machines were out again and all ages were getting inspired.
See more by clicking the written labels below. 

Easter Makes at Go Create

On the first Saturday of each month we have 'Go Create', which is Children's Art Club.
This month was painting, printing, sticking and gluing.
Everyone had so much fun.
The next one is on the 10th of May.
See more about the club HERE

Mo's Son's Shirt Quilt

Mo's children have all moved out and she is slowly sorting through all of the treasures they have left behind! 
One of her sons seem to have left a vast selection of shirts!
Mo had seen stripped quilts in magazines and books and decided his shirts would make an ideal
man size, Quillo.
We all helped unpicking the shirts and decided on a size rectangle which would sew together well.
One side is quite dark and Mo has lightened it up with some photo transfer and stitch.
The other is the lighter shirts. 
Mo has also embroidered his name, a ladder ( he is climbing Mount Everest soon) and added many of the labels that mean something onto it too!

Embellished Heart

Rhona fell in love with the Embellisher Machine and I have since heard she now has her own and is taking it on holiday to France with her! 
The base of this heart is felt and it has every type of scrap loosely embellished to it so that the ends are free. Roses, ribbons and trimmings have been added. 
See more by clicking on the written labels below.

Embellished Felt

Chris started this piece by hand needlefelting. She wanted to place the colours in specific places.
When she 'Show and Telled' it several in the session hadn't experienced needle felting or embellishing so I just had to show what the embellisher machines and creative use of scraps and threads could do.
Chris used the machine to needle felt the piece together. It gave it a more blended piece. 
See my 'Embellisher' page on my portfolio site HERE
See more by clicking the written labels below.

lace Hanger Pockets

This organiser is made out of linen, recycled lace, trimmings and embellishments.
It is a smaller version of my Vintage Wall Tidy.

Photo Transfer Africa

Val chose pictures of her daughter when she was working in Africa to use
on a photo transfer workshop.
These work really well with the animal and jungle prints.

Carole's Has Been Sewing

Carole has been busy making a very cute mouse,
mini dresden plates for a bag and a baby cot quilt.
We all wanted to make the mouse!

Phoebe's Quilt

This is Phoebe's quilt finished and washed ready to deliver.
I enjoy making baby quilts .

Printing Session

Each week there is a printing session on a Friday.
Over the last few weeks we have been making drypoint and etch prints,
using different materials and tools.

Machine Scraps Needlecase

Sandra practised free machine stitching all over scraps of fabric and made the background
fabric into a needlecase.