Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Printing Elephants

Mixed Media Textile Tuesday and Thursday started with 
printing elephants this year.
I brought a carved would block Elephant set while I was in Jaipur.
It has four layers and takes quite a lot of concentration to 
to match the pattern sections up.
Everyone had a great time and the Elephants all look fantastic.
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Art Class Back For The New Year

It was great to get classes underway for the New Year.
On the 13th we started with Mixed Media Painting Class.
each week I start the class with a Tips and Techniques.
This first week it was Sketchbooks, images and how to collect and
 how to transfer them.
Ros had finished her Ballet shoes.
Week two it was "Preparing a Surface".

Orange Wall Pom Pom

With all the Printing material and carved wooden blocks I arranged
around the studio I decided to have a play and print some orange
tissue paper. I layered eight sheets together and made a half pom pom to 
display on the wall. 
Oh Kirstie would be proud!

Pom Pom Wreath

With all the colour and sparkle I wanted to start The Wreath of the Month.
I took a 7" polystyrene ring and glued coloured pom pom to it.
This was a fun thing to make.
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Saree Treasures

On the 9th of January Mum and I laid out all the Saree Samples on the 
studio tables and arranged them in size, types and colours.
Seeing them all laid out we could appreciate on the amazing 
embroidery, colour and techniques. 
It is now a matter of cataloguing the samples for 
The Art Room.
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Wow Look At The Sparkle

The Old Art Room is full of sparkle and colour now its all dressed 
with the "India Inspiration". 
Lots to look at and lots to inspire colourful projects and techniques.
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India Inspiration Prep At The Old Art Room

Gill and I came into The Art Room on the 8th of January and laid out
all the Indian Inspired Textiles I have gathered, brought, made and borrowed.
It looked amazing and we could already see the studio full of
colour and sparkle.
I wanted to portray a little of what we had experienced on our travels but
also the sparkle of my sketchbook. 
See my India Inspired Sketchbook on my portfolio site
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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.

I have started the creative new year very different to others due to my creative holiday with Jamie at Colouricious. See some of my fellow travellers and a taste of what we saw in the video below. I make an appearance after Lesley:) I can highly recommend a holiday with Colouricious.

I created a sketchbook of memories while I was there, which you can see some of the pages of on my portfolio site  The front cover is in the photo above, so you can see it is no ordinary book! full of Bolliwood bling, extraordinary places and wonderful people. Just a taste of what we experienced.
I have a soft spot for India, its colour, food, artisans and culture, you can see more of my collecting and appreciation of India HERE 

The Old Art Room has had a "make over" and it is all things Inspired by India this month. Sessions based and inspired on the colour and culture. Pop in and enjoy.