Friday, 25 July 2014

Indigo and Shibori Wall Hanging

I finished the top Indigo and Shibori Wall Hanging 
while I was on my week off.
It contains many different squares of my 
Indigo Shibori samples that I have made over the last
few years.
It is now part of the display in the studio.
I have started another one (second photo)
with more of the Shibori techniques.
See a Shibori video HERE

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Japanese Teapot in Watercolour

I love setting up objects on the Still Life Table and then 
students choose what they are inspired by.
It gets me excited with the techniques that can be tried
with the different objects.
This Japanese teapot had lots of brush techniques involved.

Pencil Drawing, Oil Bottle and Lemon Still Life

At Monday Art Class there are always items on display to be inspired by.
The class is for beginners to those who want to come along and 
improve their techniques.
Drawing in a sketchbook and keeping notes is a great way to 
grow and 'get your eye and hand in'.

Surreal Landscape

On a Monday Art Class we cover all different types of painting
media and techniques.
Keran  produced this Surreal landscape.
Listening to music and painting what she felt.
We all love the dream like quality it has. 

Coven Girls Visited The Exhibition

On the last Friday of the Exhibition The Coven Girls visited and
then we all went to lunch. 
We had a lovely time and we all love our get togethers.
We have been meeting to chat and sew once a month
for 15 years.
Such friends:)
See more of what Coven Quilters get up to by clicking the 
written label below.

Exhibition Girls

Here are two of the Exhibition Girls, Freda and Rona. 
They manned the Exhibition along with Gail  beautifully 
over the two weeks.
They sewed constantly the whole two weeks!!!
Freda finishing a whole hand quilt!
Rona finishing so many articles we lost count.
(An ironing board was installed along with a demo table so she
had no excuse).
Everyone commented on how friendly and full of information they were.
The visitors book is testimony to the success of the exhibition.
Thank you.

The Old Art Room Exhibition and Open Studios

The Old Art Room Exhibition displayed Mine, Students, Friends and local 
Academy's Mixed Media Art Work.
The Academy showcased their work as part of their Art Awards. 
 The Exhibition was part of the Norfolk Open Studios 2014 Events.
It was a great success.
We had lots of visitors and raised lots of money for local charities
 from the donation admission and a lovely write up in the paper.
Thank you, to all those who submitted their work, supported the event and
the lovely girls who manned the hall throughout the two weeks.
Stewart did a fantastic job as usual helping me 
put up and take down the exhibition. 

Adrienne's Wednesday Quilt Group

Adrienne's Hand Patchwork and Quilting Group meet alternate 
Wednesday week in The Old Art Room Studio.
It is always lovely to see so many quilts being made and 
so varied. The Quilt Table I feel is celebrated
when quilts are laid out on it.
Such a lovely afternoon.
Come in and see from 2pm until 4.

Becky's Doll

Jenny made this doll for Becky, her Grand Daughter.
It has got such a character.
Jenny has been making it at the Toftwood Tuesday Girls Group.
The dress is made out of fabric scraps from a dress Becky
 wore last year to Whitby. The hat was a complete surprise as it was
Gill's, Becky's Mums City and Guilds sample hat. 
It fitted a treat and there it now stays.

Pencil Roll

Muriel has been making another pencil roll for her Grand Children.
This time Haydn was the lucky one.
I keep saying I am going to have to make one for myself.
I have made a knitting roll to keep my Knitting needles in.
It was made from my over dyed fabric.
See more pencil rolls by clicking the written labels below.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Kite Banner for The Old Art Room

As most visitors to The Old Art Room know
this Banner now shows the way to the studio.
It is made out of scraps of Rip Stock Nylon usually used 
for making kites.
I was given a bag of the scraps and decided it was a colourful way 
of making a banner to start the 'Colour Courtyard' opposite the studio.
I used similar kite techniques in piecing and for it to 'fly' on
the pole it is suspended on.
Since taking the photos there has been printing added to it,
including the lettering 'The Old Art Room' 
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