Friday, 22 August 2014

Paper Dress Challenge

There were work experience students in the studio during July.
I set art challenges everyday as well as the students being part
of the daily creating in sessions.
The Challenge for Monday was to make a Paper Dress, 
that could be worn and be used as part of  the August Display.
They were a little out of the time frame but the result is a
spectacular dress.
Well done!
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Paper Articulated Snake

The Children at 'Go Create' had a wonderful time making paper
and then made their own articulated snakes a smaller version 
of the one made for the wall display.
They all had fun wriggling them round the studio.
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The Old Art Rooms Children's Club

Go Create Children Making Paper

July's 'Go Create' Children's Club made paper with 
different coloured paper pulp, using cookie cutters as moulds.
The moulds of paper are built up over a wire mesh.
The green pulp was re-named by Stewart as
'Shrek Snot' oooooo!
They had a great time and so did the Grandmas.
The children also made articulated Paper Snakes while their
paper was drying.
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Star Quilt

Heather Anne has just finished this amazing Star quilt 
made oiut of a Jelly Roll and 2 metres of pink fabric.
The Stars were adapted from a Jelly Roll book.
The Blocks were made as a 'Quilt As You Go'.
I just love to see quilts on the big table in The Old Art Room.
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Bauble Christmas Banner

Christmas in August!
Myself and several people I know work on Christmas Projects 
all year round because some take time to work on and get ready.
Iren is no exception. 
She is known as a 'Mrs Christmas' because of this.
This is one of her Bauble Hangings.
Adapted from a pattern got at a Quilt Show.
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Dyeing Fabric

August is always the month I dye fabric, make paper and enjoy
felt making due to the weather to get projects dry.
Our English weather has been a little erratic this year and 
drying work has been difficult at times but lots have been created.
I use various techniques to get different results.
When fabric is now glorious colours, 
its then deciding what to do with it.
Combining photo transfer is a great way.

House Leeks

My House Leeks needed re-planting as they had outgrown a dish at home so 
I transplanted some of them into a lovely ceramic bowl which I normally
use for decoration. It is so organic in appearance and lended itself
quite nicely to being potted up. Lots of grit and pebbles to give plenty of  
Took it into The Art Room and several students decided it was just right to 
draw and paint. 
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