Sunday, 7 January 2018

New Workshops For 2018

Happy New Year,

Stewart and I have been working hard in the studio and shop over the holidays to make it an even more creative space:)))
Created a New Year Window celebrating the New Year in but also the Chinese New Year that is on the 16th of January, Year of The Dog. The studio window is very Red and Oriental:)))) See the video on our Facebook page(open to all to view)

The inspiration board at the top of the post is in the studio area and sets the scene:)) This board will change each month to reflect the window and inspiration theme.
See the video on our Facebook page cick on link below(open to all to view)

Compared to the December Christmas Window which was beautiful, white and made us feel magical but chilly:))) See the video on our Facebook page click on link below (open to all to view)

Grandma's Chair is in the window with the new patchwork slip cover made by Rachel, who is studing Upholstery at University in London. Thank You Rachel it looks great:)))

As usual, there is lots in the window that has been given, made and now gets to be shared:)))

Thank You to all those who gave, shared and donated to the studio last year and lets do more this year as we continue this circle and get to pass it on in so many different ways.

You can see some of the daily creating on The Old Art Room Instagram  Page. Click on link below.

We open the Studio Shop on the 8th of January, This week I alsways take the time to create and play in the in the studio. Time to enjoy the space, new ideas and use the materials and 'stuff' Stewart and I have sorted out over the break. It's also a time to visit the years inspiration and plot the new workshops on the diary. Making and Sampling is key for me, it feels like play and is ohh so necessary for me to start the year off this way. Getting out the UFO"S (unfinished objects) and either finishing them or re-making them is always a great way to start too. This is always part of the 'Winter Challenge' that I set before the holidays.

Welcome, to Rita our new Italian Tailor who will be in the studio every Wednesday for Alterations and Tailoring. (Rita had a few weeks before Christmas to get stuck in and those that had their clothing altered were really happy). Most alteration requests are accepted and rates are dependant on the type of garment and time it will take. Rita is in on the 8th of January so pop in and say 'Hello'.

Rita will also be asisisting me making the costumes for the window and shop makes, to carry on the inspiration of each month, lots of exciting things planned. If there are makes that you would like to see in the shop, please let us know. Our first costume is something 'Blue' in the 'Outlander' Style, especially for the Hogmany Studio Window for the end of January. Lots of tweed, Tartan and warm materials.

Brenda has amazing Embroidery Sessions Booked in the Diary and the once month Crewel Embroidery Friday, is an amazing session to finish the creative week, held once a month.
Brenda has a selection of her kits in the studio shop.

Violets by Brenda 
February 6th and 8th

Liz will be  back in the Studio Shop on Thursday and is plotting new costume ideas for this year too:)) Everyone who saw the embroidery on her 'Game of Thrones', Dress were in ore. Aided by Brenda who instigated the stitches and Liz brought them to life:)) Liz's and Daniel's wedding prepration makes, were amazing and we all enjoyed the week by week reveal, angsts and the wedding photos are beautiful:)))
She is also sharing with us lots of her makes for their new home:))

Jayne, is back in the studio and is holding a Dog Needlefelting Brooch Session, on the 27th of February 2018. Places are limited as it is a popular session.

Celebrating Year Of The Dog,
with this brooch.
He is so cute and clever!

Mollie is working hard as usual and spent a very creative year making pencil rolls, brush rolls, teddy bears and hearts (a Mollie stitched Heart is in the new January window). She is open for commissions:))) It is so good to see Mollie using her newely won and earnt sewing machine. Everything is made to such a high standard. We are so proud of Mollie and thank her for all time spent in the studio:)))

One of Mollie's Pencil Roll and the Owl is by Lee on our Monday Art Session

'Show and Tell' is always amazing, Thank you so much to all who share and participate. We all enjoy and learn so much. So here's to another year of this:)))

Lucy and Lisa practicing artists themselves will be volunteering on Monday and Tuesday,so welcome to them. Will post how they are getting on and creating within the studio on Instagram and The Old Art Room Facebook. Thank you to all who volunteer and donate to the studio it is really appreciated.

So, here are the first Workshops of the New Year 2018.

The Shop and Studio are open and we especially like visitors and share what we are creating, lots of inspiration.

Main Theme of the Studio Chinese New Year And New Projects

January 2018

Monday 15th 
Art: How to make Gesso. Mixed Media Collage Backgrounds, creating backgrounds and adding drawing and painting.


Tuesday 16th (Chinese New Year) 
Textiles:'Show and Tell' with workshops explained. Both Sessions Full

Wednesday 17th
Alterations and Tailoring with Rita  alterations welcome.
Mixed Media Textiles Full

Thursday 18th
Textiles:'Show and Tell' with workshops explained. Both Sessions Full

Friday 19th
Crewel Embroidery with Brenda 10-2pm Full

Saturday 20th Closed

The full workshop list for January and February 2018 will be available in the studio from the 8th of January.
I will post the full years workshops shortly.

Once again, Happy New Year.
By clicking on the Amazon Links you help the studio with a small commission at no extra cost to yourself, another way of supporting the studio:))) Thank you.