Thursday, 27 February 2014

Adrienne's Wednesday Afternoon Patchwork and Quilting Group

On alternate Wednesday afternoon Adrienne has a 
hand patchwork and quilting group. 
It is such a lovely group and it has such a lovely
atmosphere in the studio.
(Adrienne completed her City and Guilds part 2
with me).
The group is for beginners and experienced alike and
they are all working on their own
projects. Here you can see 'Bean Huts',
laid out on the large quilt table.
The group is having a chat about how it is coming along
and whats going to be added next.
Adrienne also is the wonderful lady who organises 
the important coach trips out to Duxford and The NEC!
There are still a few places left for the March 7th,
if you want to contact THe Old Art Room for details.
The coach leaves from Swaffham and also picks up in 
Kings Lynn.
I am really looking forward to it, as usual! 

Sew Simple

On Wednesday Irene and I went to 
'Sew Simple' at Taverham so she could
spend her voucher, which was nealy at it's due date.
 I needed some pink fabric and backing to
make a cot quilt for Jenn's friend whose baby
is due in March.
They grew up together so I have a soft spot and
want to make a quilt for her, Jenn's going to do the 
binding and make a cushion.
As you can see it is very pink as we know the flavour of
the new arrival:)
It was lovely having a look at all the wonderful
fabrics and I keep saying,
"One day I will be able to have my own Fabric Shop",
Well, I do have a little selection of things in my
little shop area in The Old Art Room
but would love one of 'Sew Simple'.
In the afternoon when I got back to the studio I
laid out the fabrics and started cutting out.
Visit the online shop HERE 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sophie's Photo Transfer

Both Sophie's who are going to be doing work experience in the studio 
in July came along to try Photo Transfer.
Both had photos that they wanted to add to their art portfolio's.
Thank you Heatheranne for bring fabric into the studio as it was 
sorted out immediately and used in this project.
Sophie also made a Shabby Chic flower out of an
old net curtain. Looked really antique.

Aleasa's Bag with Appliqued Heart

Due to it being Half Term week Aleasa came to class 
and wanted to make a Pink Bag.
Which she did and then put glitter and sequins on it.
I love the way so peered through her bag as she held it up :)
Young Artist Club is on the first Saturday of every month,
 starting on the 1st of March 
10am until 12.30
£10 a session which includes equipment, snack and a drink.
The first session will be printing and making cards.

Lace Pockets

Textile Tuesday and Thursday this week students have been
finishing their painting and stitching of the lace Pockets.
See my lace pocket file HERE
Some also did some photo transfer of many different photographs,
from vintage family to present day. 
really busy sessions.

Jenny's King Sized Quilt

Jenny has been making this king sized quilt out of recycled fabrics
collected from charity and thrift shops. 
It has a beautiful soft and 'Rosey' look to it. 
We all admired her patience as she undid some of the seams,
"Retro Stitching" (meaning "unpicking of seams!").
So she can put the layers together and "Quilt as you go".
A more manageable way of machine quilting.
It was pinned together by many hands as you can see by above.
It was so lovely because Jenny hadn't expected it.
We gathered round to see it and then I dished out the safety pins
and we all helped pin.
Making it quick and social :)
Over to you Jenny to quilt it.

Frothy Flowers

Carol and I are making many of these fabric flowers ready for 
Norfolk Open Studios in May.
These are made out of recycled net curtains, crochet doilies and ear rings. 
This pattern was also made for the centre of the large 'Folded Frill Wall Display'
See this HERE

Monday Art Class

Every Monday 10am until 12.15 is Art Class, Mixed Media Painting.
Ros finished her 'Hastings Boats' painting and we all enjoyed listening
to 'Chill with Vavaldi'.
Beginners and experienced artist welcome as there is individual tuition
and masterclass tips and techniques each week.
See more about these sessions HERE

Red Rose Wreath

I enjoyed making this Red Roses Wreath to celebrate Valentine's Day.
I recycled roses from previous displays and felt quite naughty
de- heading them from their stems!
See more of the wreaths I am making each month HERE
and see my work based on "My Grand Mother's Name Is Rose",

Cream Frills Wreath

With all the vintage and antique lace around The Old Art Room, 
it inspired me to use a beautiful crepe blouse that had arrived
in one of the recycle bags of fabric that had been delivered to the
studio. The Crepe was so soft and lovely to handle and use.
The pink fabric was trimmed from another blouse many years ago and
saved because 'it may come in'.
Visit the studio vintage inspiration HERE
See the other Wreaths that I have made HERE and HERE
See my vintage makes on my portfolio site 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Card Making at Jill's Craft Studio

On Friday 14th February I went to Jill's Craft Studio and had a card making session.
We made the 3D Springtime Card in a couple of hours using lots of different techniques.
See more of my Card Making on my blog HERE

Printing Stamps

Collagraph Catus Printing on Fabric

Print Friday

Fan Quilt Continued

Life Line for Chernobyl February Auction

Folded Fabric Flowers

Pink Sparkle Nails

Dyeing Lace Top

Full Drying Rack

Dyeing Lace Project

Cushions and Sequins


Beaded Necklace, Indian Inspired

Vintage Heart Ornament