Sunday, 17 September 2017

Crewel Embroidery Sessions With The Needlewoman's Studio

Brenda known on the internet as "The Needlewoman's Studio', has started a Crewel Embroidery sessions at The Old Art Room Studio. On the second Friday of each month, 10am until 2pm and it costs £18 for the day. (See the dates below).

You can purchase a starter kit at the session for around £6 and you can join on any Friday as a beginner or to share your love of embroidery. Brenda shows you how to create a beautiful Crewel Embroidery from start to finish, giving lots of hints and tips on how to get the best results especially if you find sewing difficult but really want to do it or continue. If you have a particular image or theme you have always wanted to do, Brenda helps you design, plan and stitch so you can achieve your stitched project.

Liz wanted to continue her theme of 'Game of Thrones' and so they designed this piece so it could be stitched onto a collar that is forming part of a costume which Liz is wearing to 'Comicon'. Those that follow the series can see it is 'The House of Stark' Lion.

I had to stitch some Crewel Embroidery Samples for my Embroidery City and Guilds so had a basic understanding on the stitches and techniques but Brenda made the stitching how to and the history come alive. A wonderful session and everyone enjoyed stitching to the extent we didn't want to go home:))

 I made mine very contemporary, inspired by Blackwork and Steampunk. (Will show step by step photos:)

I like using a sit on frame because it leaves my hands free to get on with the embroidery:) find them here on Amazon. I recommend a 8" diameter one (21cms) because I am able to use it for a variety of

This video is by Phillipa Turnbull, a renowned English Embroiderer, who works alongside The Royal School of Needlework.

When sewing, craft making or reading you need a good light and I have one of these in my home studio, easy to move around and great sewing light, especially when working on dark projects.

  • This Daylight Simulating Desk Lamp / Bed Lamp closely mimics natural light to be kinder to your eyes.
  • High flicker-rate helps reduce the risk of headaches and eye-strain.
  • Concentrate for longer and enjoy clearer vision for hobbies like crafts and sewing.
  • Economical light bulbs have an average life span of 8000 hours.
  • Includes SPARE BULB. Shop with confidence as the Andrew James Desk Lamp is covered by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

Brenda recommends Jane Rainbow's book for anyone interest in Crewel Embroidery, we had a look at copies in the session and there where so many great tips and beautiful pictures and projects.

Starting with just four of these stitches, Jane clearly demonstrates, with detailed step-by-step photographs, how to work up a complete project. Instructions follow on showing how to stretch and mount your first embroidery. Using further projects she helps you build up skills, introducing new stitches in each section. Line drawings accompany each design and are used as a guide for the stitches. The designs and colours used are traditional - reminiscent of the embroidery worked by embroiderers during the Tudor period, wonderful floral pictures worked in wool and soft colours. The book is a comprehensive introduction to this lovely technique and at the same time it offers embroiderers practical help with presentation and finishing.

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Friday, 15 September 2017

Selfie Stick

I was lucky enough to be given a selfie stick for a Birthday gift, a bluetooth one at that:)))
A Kitvsion Bluetooth Selfie Stick. An expandable one:))) I am usually behind the camera, photos, a voice or nails on screen, not me:))) I have been using it so far as a hand hold for my phone so, it steadies my photos and great for shooting videos. I have found it quite fun to use and funny at times due to you wanting to talk to the camera and also look where you are going, there's definitely an art to it and needs practice:)) I will be adding more of me using it shortly so, watch this blog:)))

Had to smile when I looked up the definition of a SELFIE STICK::

History of the Selfie Stick

Homemade selfie sticks could date back as early as 1925. A photo from that year shows a man taking a photograph of himself and his wife, with the aid of a long pole which is pointed towards the camera and out of frame. Amateur box cameras of the period would not have been able to capture a self-portrait in focus when held at arm's length, requiring photographers to use remote shutter devices such as cables or sticks.
A device which has been likened to the selfie stick appears in the 1969 Czech sci-fi film 'I Killed Einstein, Gentleman'. It was a mirror on a stick then the camera took the picture that was in the mirror. Just shows you where inspiration is found:))))

My Selfie Stick is a KitVision Selfie Stick with Bluetooth
• Lightweight and extendable
• Extends to 110 cm
• Built-in Bluetooth camera remote for smartphones
• Rubber grip for comfort
• Compatible with Smartphone width: 63 mm - 85 mm

Take your smartphone photography to another dimension with this lightweight extension pole. Extending up to 110 cm, it allows you to take images from a higher perspective, making it ideal for gigs and shows or creating a '3rd person' video effect.

The built-in Bluetooth remote button on the handle, allows you to operate the camera shutter on your smartphone when it's out of reach, so now you can capture the perfect shot with ease. The pack contains a charger lead to charge the Bluetooth stick.

Use the included smartphone holder for attaching your phone, or add an action camera or digital camera using a ¼ inch camera screw. 
The poles come in various colours:))) I have a black one:)))

  • Rubber grip for comfort
  • Built-in Bluetooth camera remote for smartphones for wireless control
  • Extends to 110 cm for a whole new perspective and more creative shots
  • Lightweight, extendable and portable selfie stick
  • Charges in just 1 hour with 100 hours standby time
The best prices for the 360 degree selfie stick, see more information by clicking the link below.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Magic Read

As some of you may know I like fantasy, role-play gaming (spent many hours painting the models, then playing into the small hours, watching films and cheerleading a gaming husband:))). Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them are constant inspiration and spent most of January researching and journalling these sources, see post HERE 

Fantasy allows my mind to wander, stretch and 'Believe' what could be possible.

So, getting stuck into another book of a fantasy and magical nature makes me smile, allows my brain to slide, travel and expand:)))

Being my Birthday Weekend I have got some time off and I was given this book, this week to read and share by Brian, an avid reader, textile artist and speaker . 'Mundane Magic' published this August 2017 is written by his Grand Daughter, Rebecca Milton and is her debut novel, it is a captivating magical read and I feel grateful to share:))

"Hidden within the world, disguised as mundane gifts and talents, it rests....."

Just this sentence seems very apt with The Old Art Room studio being hidden in Swaffham, Norfolk, UK and visitors exclaiming that it is a 'Magical and Wonderful Inspiring Place'. We enjoy making the studio inspirational and I think that is shows and what is 'felt', it's real, in studios.
Rebecca's book has been a well earned read and inspired ideas. Hope it has that exchange for you too:))

Look forward to more from Rebecca:))

Please be kind enough to show the author some praise when buying your copy by giving feedback:))
It has a five star rating and well deserved....

Click the Amazon link to buy it for yourself. There is also a Kindle Copy too for those that like to read on the go:))) I promise, you won't put it down.

Rebecca's website
Rebecca's Facebook page
Read what 'Goodreads has to say

I will share my copy from The Old Art Room, which was kindly donated by Brian:))))

On Amazon I found this notebook which is fun and ideal for those who are of the Wizarding or inspired nature. Click through to see the notebook and it comes with your own magic wand.

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Nail Art

My hands are on show everyday with teaching and demonstrating techniques and I 
am lucky enough to go along to our local salon  'Innovations' every couple of weeks where they take great care of my hands, nails and pander to my mixture of art techniques which they translate onto my nails.
Kim is especially tolerant:))))
A year of just a little Glitter, then the whole set of 'Glitter 'nails.
A year of 'Foiling' and this year, six months of Chrome, Additives and now 'Nail Stamp Tattoos'.
*Great Tip* I learnt from Sam this visit to the salon, if you are finding it hard to open your nail polish bottles use a set of nut crackers, a few twists and it releases easy, tried this when I got home and it works:))))
I found a great gift for the girls in my life to have a bit of fun.
Ideal for Birthdays and Christmas.