Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Nail Art

My hands are on show everyday with teaching and demonstrating techniques and I 
am lucky enough to go along to our local salon  'Innovations' every couple of weeks where they take great care of my hands, nails and pander to my mixture of art techniques which they translate onto my nails.
Kim is especially tolerant:))))
A year of just a little Glitter, then the whole set of 'Glitter 'nails.
A year of 'Foiling' and this year, six months of Chrome, Additives and now 'Nail Stamp Tattoos'.
*Great Tip* I learnt from Sam this visit to the salon, if you are finding it hard to open your nail polish bottles use a set of nut crackers, a few twists and it releases easy, tried this when I got home and it works:))))
I found a great gift for the girls in my life to have a bit of fun.
Ideal for Birthdays and Christmas.