Sunday, 10 September 2017

Magic Read

As some of you may know I like fantasy, role-play gaming (spent many hours painting the models, then playing into the small hours, watching films and cheerleading a gaming husband:))). Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them are constant inspiration and spent most of January researching and journalling these sources, see post HERE 

Fantasy allows my mind to wander, stretch and 'Believe' what could be possible.

So, getting stuck into another book of a fantasy and magical nature makes me smile, allows my brain to slide, travel and expand:)))

Being my Birthday Weekend I have got some time off and I was given this book, this week to read and share by Brian, an avid reader, textile artist and speaker . 'Mundane Magic' published this August 2017 is written by his Grand Daughter, Rebecca Milton and is her debut novel, it is a captivating magical read and I feel grateful to share:))

"Hidden within the world, disguised as mundane gifts and talents, it rests....."

Just this sentence seems very apt with The Old Art Room studio being hidden in Swaffham, Norfolk, UK and visitors exclaiming that it is a 'Magical and Wonderful Inspiring Place'. We enjoy making the studio inspirational and I think that is shows and what is 'felt', it's real, in studios.
Rebecca's book has been a well earned read and inspired ideas. Hope it has that exchange for you too:))

Look forward to more from Rebecca:))

Please be kind enough to show the author some praise when buying your copy by giving feedback:))
It has a five star rating and well deserved....

Click the Amazon link to buy it for yourself. There is also a Kindle Copy too for those that like to read on the go:))) I promise, you won't put it down.

Rebecca's website
Rebecca's Facebook page
Read what 'Goodreads has to say

I will share my copy from The Old Art Room, which was kindly donated by Brian:))))

On Amazon I found this notebook which is fun and ideal for those who are of the Wizarding or inspired nature. Click through to see the notebook and it comes with your own magic wand.

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