Saturday, 30 July 2016

Instagram and Twitter

The Old Art Room is now on Instagram and Twitter under 
The Old Art Room Jane Clark
The photos show at the top of this blog:)))
The red Indian Door Toran above is the first photograph
on the Twitter post.
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Friday, 29 July 2016

Bags Galore In The Studio

We have been busy this last couple of weeks making various types of Bags.
I made this Urban Camouflage Bag this week, needing a break from all the florals
in the studio:))
Then set it up for photographing and loved the display.
We are now on Instagram too follow the-old-art-room

A wall of bags slowly making an Exhibition.

Inspired by 'Linen Garden' we made our own pattern and have adapted the pattern
in various ways.

This is the start of a bag made with 1950's fabric and trim. 

A variation on a Bucket Bag:)

Muriel's versions.


Lorna's 'Scottie' bag is made from a previous pattern we have made in the studio.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

New List of Dates for Textile Class

There is an inspiration every week and participants can make the topic or bring along a project or idea that they want to make, Jane and The Old Art Room team will help you achieve your goal:)


2nd&4th Red and White Floral and Stripe 
9th&11th Pocket Tidies
16th&18th NEC Show, Tell and Makes
23rd&25th Charmed Squares and Keepsakes
30th Own Project


6th&8th Canadian Smocking with Caroline
13th&15th Lampshade Workshop with Caroline. Kit Available
20th&22nd Forget-me-not Cushion with Brenda. Kit Available. See Here for more info) 
27th&29th Own Project

Creative Textiles 10 Week Course. Starts on Wednesday 21st of September. Enrol now, information available:)

Remember Mixed Media Wednesdays and Fridays are available too for Printing, Contemporary Textiles, Book Folding and Papercrafts.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Nest Wonder

Lena brought me in a gift today of a Blackbird Nest which
had been on the window seal of the house her
husband and her are building. 
They had let the bird make the nest with it's extension of leaves. 
She laid her eggs and Lena and her family photographed them.
When they hatched they videoed them feeding and finally
watched them fly.
Lena then knew she could finish her windows and thought I
would like the nest.
As some may know I have a thing about creating nests 
and have several in the studio. 
I place one in the shop window each month and our Robin.
I put two with this amazing nest and created some additional sparkle:)))
for a photo. 
Lena had made her own creating with leaf moulding
 in the mixed media piece she made at Art Class.
See more enchanted nests in this post

Baby Cot Quilt

I made this Baby Cot Quilt last week and finished the quilting 
this afternoon. Just the bias edging to go on and then it's in 
The Old Art Room Swaffham Shop. 
There is only one like it and it's £24.99
Machine washable and nature friendly:)))
Learn how to make quilts at Textile Classes or commission
one in your colours.
Contact The Old Art Room

New Bag Shape for the Studio

After Art Class I started designing a new bag for next week 
Textile and Sewing Sessions using 1960's and 1980's Fabric.
Part of the Floral Designs are for the August 
Flower Festivals and we are celebrating by having
a 'Floral Window'
See more of what happens at Textile Classes

Art Class Monday Morning

Monday Morning Art Class in the studio starts with Mark Making.
Every week it is different and opens up discussion on
how the marks relate to Art and Artist.
Mark Making is a really good way of opening different areas of the brain.
Isaac who was participating in Work Experience last week
from Swaffham Hammonds Academy, tried one of the Circle Techniques
using a toy truck tyre and a paint brush without its brush.
(Work Experience is available all year round)
We then go into individual mediums such as water colour, acrylics, collage etc.
Drawing is vital and Jane teaches lots of ways to get good results.
The Piano hands were drawn by Lena with lots of tips and encouragement.
Sarah our Drawing Skills Tutor and Gold Award Winner is 
teaching 'Light on Dark' on the 18th of July.
Sessions are £10 and are from 10-12.15 ever Monday.
See more information