Monday, 28 August 2017

New Session Dates for Autumn Season In The Studio and Christmas Postcard

I love Autumn, the food the last warmth of Summer and this is the time I start to prepare for Christmas. Mainly because clients and customers expect there to be lots of inspiration in the studio but also I love the tradition of making to give:)) The Old Art Room creativity really increases and there is also lots of sparkle around.

New Dates for The Autumn Sessions are available HERE so many inspirational sessions:))))))
As you can see by the postcard above we end August, yes I did say August by making the Christmas Postcard. I have kept my promise, I have kept the spirit of Christmas all year by having Christmas Inspiration on the last week of every month.
See so much more on the Christmas Blog HERE 

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Studio Dye Workshop With Procion Dyes

I have been using fabric which I have dyed myself for many years now and love to show
others how to use the different dyes and easy ways of doing them.
I started with a "Starter Kit' and had great results following the instructions and 
everything you need, is in the kit.

I have included a link to Amazon below, to a 
kit that is often used in the workshops. 
Especially those who have brought or been gifted one and they 
need confidence to use them:))
They contain 10gms of basic colours and they are good to mix aswell.

We set the studio with the colour dye charts to show mixing possibilities 
and the equipment we use.
This regular session I teach Procion Dyes using the microwave.
This makes it quicker to be able to use your dyed fabric and gets really good results.
I give the recipes for small amounts of dye mix and I use
other fixatives that are suitable for the microwave.
I have used these over the years and the textiles I have made are still as bright 
today as they were 17 years ago:))

You can see we really get immersed in dye and I show how it can be done
cleanly so it can be achieved in a domestic kitchen.

The link to get your own starter kit is below.
Shop with us on Amazon, 
it helps the studio to be able to 
sponsor students within the studio.

There were two Artist in Residence and Mollie in the studio on this session who were able to add this
Dye knowledge to their skill base.

Dye Workshops are normally on a Friday and can be booked by individuals or groups.

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