Saturday, 24 January 2015

Blue and Green Quilt with Borders

I have been working on a commission for a 25th Anniversary.
I have loved working with these colours as they are some of 
my favourits.
The borders are now on and Mum helped me
layer the backing and wadding together on Friday so 
it is now ready for me to quilt.
The clients want a freemotion quilted centre
and the borders  freemotion quilting in silver thread.
I will show updates as I go shortly.  
See more quilts by clicking the written labels below.

Kimono Woven Strips

Freda brought in her collection of Kimono Woven Strips.
Each one was beautiful and unique.
They were once part of Kimono.
Each felt and hung differently and were wonderful to see
how they were made, dyed, printed or painted.
See more of the displays in The Old Art Room

Oriental Cushions By Freda

Freda brought these Oriental Cushions into The Old Art Room Studio
to inspire.
Freda made them from the fabrics she had been sent for a 
Birthday Present.
The Peony is sewn by Freda by hand, using two threads!

Carol's Shibori Felt Embroidery

Carol has now finished the embroidery on her Shibori Felt Work.
It is really exquisite.
Carol is now ready to put on it on a canvas.
This Shibori is a contemporary Feltmaking technique.
See how it was made HERE

Gift Birds

Making Birds in The Art Room Studio.
The first mini project this year is making a 'Gift Bird'.
These birds have a 'gusset', so makes it 3D.
There is a bird cage in the studio so it will gather contents:)
other than a live song bird.
See amazing textile birds and creative animals 
with Mr Finch HERE

Friday, 23 January 2015

Monday Art Class

Monday was the start of Art Class for the New Year.
One of The Studio Themes is 'Oriental' and the Media was,
'Pastel Painting' this week.
I taught and demonstrated how to use and work
with Pastels and some charcoal.
Above are some of the students work using pastels
in different ways.
See other sessions and themes and information

Louise Corke is an amazing Pastel Artist. This video is so good!

Oriental Inspiration

This week there has been more Oriental Inspiration
in The Art Room Studio.
The dragon is a temple dragon to celebrate ancestors.
His normal residence is on my log cabin studio at home
but he is having a change of scenery by wishing the 
New Year into The Old Art Room Studio.
Barbara and Ann got in the studio theme by bringing 
these pots and teacup in to Art Class.
See more of The Old Art Room displays HERE

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Circus Animals

Just had to have some fun with these wild animals.
I have sewn frills around each of their necks
to add them to the Circus display.
The roar etc when you push their tummies. 
See a Circus journal I have been 
working on to add to the inspiration
in the studio HERE

Blue and Green Kings Sized Quilt

I have spent the last two days working on this
king size quilt commission for a 25th Anniversary.
The top is now all sewn together now.
Just the borders,layering and quilting to do.
Has got to be finished by May.

Hexagon Quilt

First Quilt of the year on the large quilt table in 
The Art Room Studio.
This is Leslie's Hexagon quilt that she has been working on 
for the last five years.
All sewn by hand.
She has just finished putting on the bias and is
now continuing to quilt it.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Oriental Junk Journal

I have been working on this Oriental Junk Journal since the start of the New Year.
Hope you enjoy the look through.
The journal now includes these two cards that I have made.

Happy New Year

We went into The Old Art Room Studio today, Spring Cleaned
and set up part of the displays for this month.
Oriental and Circus.
Classes will start again on the 19th of January.
Starting with Art on Monday.
Pastels with an Oriental twist.
See the monthly inspiration