Displays in the window, shop and studio change and develop almost on a day to day occurrence.

Every Christmas we put on a 'White Window', that gets everyone in the holiday mood:)

Watch video HERE

I have been making large sculptures for different displays for many years so it is so good to be able to add these to the studio to inspire.

Photo by Ellen

Areas of the Studio

Vintage Lace and Shabby Chic Display

Photo by Ellen

Book Sculpture

Circus Inspiration

Photo by Ellen

Enchanted Nest

Beautiful nest photos by Ellen

See the blogpost HERE

Sea and Holiday Window

Anna from Radio Norfolk found the Treasure Quest Clue amongst the paper crane display.

Oriental Inspiration

I have always been interested in wreaths for all occasions so decided to make one at least once a month for the studio. I have also been making large display pieces for the walls of The Art Room for the
Inspiration of the Month. It is also a way of remembering each month creatively.

Christmas Bauble
December 2014

Blue Tinsel 
November 2014

Music Paper Cone

Photo by Ellen


Thimble Collection

Metal and Shimmer

Toys Lots of Fun and Colour in March with Spring on the way.

Cotton Reel Pleasure

Red Roses Ideal for February!

Cream Frills Recycled out of a Crepe Blouse.

Pom Pom Wreath, so much fun to do!

Rag Rug 

This is a display contains folded recycle polyester, nylon and satin folded fabric. Just love the beautiful effect of the folds. This display was for "Vintage, Lace and Recycle Month".

Photo by Ellen

Paper Dress made by Work Experience

The Tissue Wall Pom Pom was printed using Indian Wooden Blocks.
See more on Print HERE

The Old Art Room has different Inspiration each month and the shelves, walls and surfaces reflect this as well as having areas dedicated to certain creativity.

The Dresser in January had all things sparkly and Indian for sale.

The Studio had India Inspired displays.

Vintage, Lace and Recycle display.  

March and April

May Metal, Shimmer and Open Studios

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