Saturday, 5 August 2017

Studio Dye Workshop With Procion Dyes

I have been using fabric which I have dyed myself for many years now and love to show
others how to use the different dyes and easy ways of doing them.
I started with a "Starter Kit' and had great results following the instructions and 
everything you need, is in the kit.

I have included a link to Amazon below, to a 
kit that is often used in the workshops. 
Especially those who have brought or been gifted one and they 
need confidence to use them:))
They contain 10gms of basic colours and they are good to mix aswell.

We set the studio with the colour dye charts to show mixing possibilities 
and the equipment we use.
This regular session I teach Procion Dyes using the microwave.
This makes it quicker to be able to use your dyed fabric and gets really good results.
I give the recipes for small amounts of dye mix and I use
other fixatives that are suitable for the microwave.
I have used these over the years and the textiles I have made are still as bright 
today as they were 17 years ago:))

You can see we really get immersed in dye and I show how it can be done
cleanly so it can be achieved in a domestic kitchen.

The link to get your own starter kit is below.
Shop with us on Amazon, 
it helps the studio to be able to 
sponsor students within the studio.

There were two Artist in Residence and Mollie in the studio on this session who were able to add this
Dye knowledge to their skill base.

Dye Workshops are normally on a Friday and can be booked by individuals or groups.

Support the Old Art Room and post your comments:)))

Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Old Art Room Has A New Sign

The Old Art Room finally has it's sign above the window:)))
Everyone has been so lovely and complimentary on how it suits the 
Georgian Shop and Swaffham as a town.
People have found and visited us in the studio who haven't
been in before especially those visiting or travelling through Swaffham. 
See more of the studio by scrolling down the posts:)))

Our Exhibiting stand went down well at The Embroidery Guild Open Day,
this month.We were asked to take the studio along to showcase what goes on here
at The Old Art Room.
It made us smile trying to get the studio into a 15ft space and
give a taster of the studio experience.
I think we did that.
Many visitors who went to the show have come in and said,
it was like being here:))) so we achieved our aim:)))

August the 4th we are having a Procion Dye Workshop in the studio from
10 until 2pm. Places available. Contact for information.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Sewing Roll Indian Sari Inspired

Indian Sari Inspired Sewing Roll made by Irene using The Old Art Room Pattern, which has seen so many different variations and styles made to suit the individual and the sewing accessories they wanted to put in them.
If you would like the pattern to download it costs £6.99 and is tried and tested and easy to follow.
Click HERE for Pattern

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Studio Sewing Workshop Tour

It was fun setting the studio workshop tables with all the accessories in the different colours and styles. Hope you enjoy the tour. like and comment about what video you would like us to make about the studio or what you would like to see:))
If you would like to be part of a session you need to book in advance to secure your place.
See the daily classes HERE

Buy our Sewing Pattern HERE

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Muggle Worthy

Working on a 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them', Journal. This is the first page with a small envelope. It is inspired by Newt's suitcase with the 'Muggle Worthy' dial:))
I will be holding a Journal and Book day on the 27th of January 2017. 10 am until 1pm. £10 the session. I will show some of the journals that I am working on.
How to manage a collection and put it in a journal or book form, so you can enjoy and continue to add to:))
I have the book of the film and it is amazing for all the information and pull outs, maps and added info:))) It is a fantastic Case Book:)))))) Highly recommend it.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Christmas In The Studio

Christmas has definitely arrived in the studio.
The Tree is up and the decorations are those made by
Jane and the studio team. Take a tour around the studio, Here.
Crochet snowflakes, paper ornaments,
Victorian style lace decorations all hand sewn.
Not a fairy on our Christmas Tree but a White Rabbit:)))
The Studio window has changed too, a winter forest.
There are decoration in traditional reds and greens with a hint
of gold and of course Christmas Quilts, sparkle and glitter.
There is also the Christmas Bow Decoration, that
acts as a beautiful decoration or holds many of your cards
or holiday keepsakes.
We are so excited in the studio as The Christmas Bow is the first of 
our online patterns are are beautifully presented on your computer and can be 
printed so you have them forever.
you can take a look here and if you would like to receive
news, patterns and giveaways from the studio fill in your details:))
So have a look here at our first pattern.

Workshops and sessions six days a week:)))

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Autumn Window Display

Autumn is definitely here and we have changed the studio 
window display.
Lots of Black, White, Gothic and Steampunk inspiration
due to All Hallows Eve:))

Maldives Holiday

We had a wonderful holiday at Meeru Resort and Spa,
in The Maldives.
All I can say is "WOW",
and "Breath Taking".
The blue of the ocean, the light and warmth.
I relaxing atmosphere:)
A great place to spend a Birthday or special occasion. 
I made a sketch and sticky book to document the 
holiday, which I do for every holiday or visit.
Inspiration is often different when you are away from 
your normal surroundings.
The photographs I took daily went on Instagram, 
and Facebook,these inspired many, 
which was so lovely. 
 and I put a sticky note in my book,
so I knew where they would go when I got home
and printed them out.
I picked up a lovely magazine in Gatwick Airport
called,'Breathe' and it contained all the 
articles on 'Mindfullness', Mandalas and thoughts
on how to re-think a purposeful life.
These I added to my book as a permanent reminder of the 
wonderful feelings and ideas that came to mind.
Thank you to all that have encouraged and helped
make this trip of a lifetime happen.
A re- visit I think:))
but it did take ten years to save for this one!!!!
See my tour round the Jacuzzi Water Villa 712

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Lampshade Making

Caroline taught Lampshade Making Sessions,
and had a great time with everyone.
We have Lampshade Kits available in the studio to buy or you 
can come along to a session and Caroline will teach you how to 
make your own:)