Thursday, 4 December 2014

Advent Calendar for Henry

Henry will be One on the 24th of December.
Irene was kind enough to make this wonderful
Advent Calendar for him.
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More Shibori Felting

I love Shibori Felting once you remove the buttons.
The felt looks so organic.
It is now ready for embroidery and beading.

Paper Making

We made lots of paper in the studio.
Of course you have to add items, in the top 
photo the honesty is beautiful.

Shibori Felting

The beginnings of Shibori Felt making. 
I held a course for six weeks and this was the beginning process.
Students dyed their silk.
Layered alpaca fleece and dyed fleece on the back.
Felted and then buttoned and then re-felted with wisps
of fleece.
Re- felted and then embroidered and beaded.
A long process but made in a fine art way.
I have refined some of the techniques to make it 
an enjoyable process.