Monday, 4 July 2016

Nest Wonder

Lena brought me in a gift today of a Blackbird Nest which
had been on the window seal of the house her
husband and her are building. 
They had let the bird make the nest with it's extension of leaves. 
She laid her eggs and Lena and her family photographed them.
When they hatched they videoed them feeding and finally
watched them fly.
Lena then knew she could finish her windows and thought I
would like the nest.
As some may know I have a thing about creating nests 
and have several in the studio. 
I place one in the shop window each month and our Robin.
I put two with this amazing nest and created some additional sparkle:)))
for a photo. 
Lena had made her own creating with leaf moulding
 in the mixed media piece she made at Art Class.
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