Monday, 21 April 2014

Embroidered Wren Fifty Years In The Making

I have been trying to encourage visitors and students who come into
the studio at The Old Art Room to recycle their fabrics, stashes and kits they have.
Look at them, give them new life, meaning or pass them on.
Laurie brought in a kit which she had been given fifty years ago by her sister.
She had embroidered half of it, she really didn't like the grey background fabric it was on!
 It then moved around from house to house, never seeing the light o day.
Laurie brought it to class and shared the story and that she had no intention of
finishing the bottom half of the picture, another wren. 
We all knew it was the background fabric!
So I said "Cut It Out",
There was a hush but during that session Laurie cut around the wren,
 placed it on bondaweb and found a piece of green velvet in the fabric tub, 
Ironed and appliqued it in place.
It has now been made into a small a decorated wall hanging and is hanging
in Laurie's new bungalow!
Fifty years is better than never!