Thursday, 22 May 2014

Print Friday

I love everyday of my creative week sharing the studio and making art.
I often say I would like 'Ground Hog Day',
 so I could teach and share all day and then have the day 
again creating my stuff!
I prep each session, often many months in front so I can grow the
work and session. 
During the last week I have been making my own stamp blocks
from children's building blocks and bits and pieces 
around the studio.
These are now multi surfaced with print possibilities.
I then started printing in a sketchbook and fabric to try 
these out.
I have used knotted string, t-shirt trim, sequin waste, braid, plastic tub
 and ric rac. 
All applied with 'No Nails' as this is a glue which
I have found it sticks anything really well but
also can be washed under the tap to keep the stamp clean.
I love seeing how simple blocks using them in repeat can make
great combination patterns also
in readiness for 'Print City and Guilds'.
I have also started using them on my Banner for outside
the studio, made from nylon stock fabric,
used for kites.
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