Wednesday, 7 May 2014

PVA Paper Muslin Fabric

Jo wanted to make a cover for her sketchbook that she is taking away on holiday.
She wanted it to look unusual and be hard wearing.
Jo started with curtain lining ( the sort with the plastic backing).
This would give the first line of defence.
Then for the decorative finish.
Covering the fabric side in tissue paper applied with watered down PVA.
Then acrylic and procion dye mixed.
This was then allowed to dry completely. 
To make it look almost leather like it was given a coat
of tan boot polish.
Applied with a soft cloth and buffed.
Allow this to dry.
A gold gliding buff paste was then applied.
This was allowed to harden off and then
acylic wax brushed on for the final layer.
This stops any of the paints and polishes coming off 
and forms a waterproof coating.
Jo then made it into a book cover.
See the video on 'How to Cover a Book' on 
my Tech site HERE