Thursday, 6 October 2016

Maldives Holiday

We had a wonderful holiday at Meeru Resort and Spa,
in The Maldives.
All I can say is "WOW",
and "Breath Taking".
The blue of the ocean, the light and warmth.
I relaxing atmosphere:)
A great place to spend a Birthday or special occasion. 
I made a sketch and sticky book to document the 
holiday, which I do for every holiday or visit.
Inspiration is often different when you are away from 
your normal surroundings.
The photographs I took daily went on Instagram, 
and Facebook,these inspired many, 
which was so lovely. 
 and I put a sticky note in my book,
so I knew where they would go when I got home
and printed them out.
I picked up a lovely magazine in Gatwick Airport
called,'Breathe' and it contained all the 
articles on 'Mindfullness', Mandalas and thoughts
on how to re-think a purposeful life.
These I added to my book as a permanent reminder of the 
wonderful feelings and ideas that came to mind.
Thank you to all that have encouraged and helped
make this trip of a lifetime happen.
A re- visit I think:))
but it did take ten years to save for this one!!!!
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