Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Radio Norfolk in the Studio with Treasure Quest

Norfolk Radio with Treasure Quest was in the studio on Sunday.
Anna and Ian raced around the studio to find the clue which I 
thought was a hard one to find.

"Look that way at the one with Dad:
Is the name after twos and threes?
At the Ol' Clue one room find those caged.
Although even if not these wouldn't fly free!

Anna was lovely and got distracted by all of the colour and 
art around the studio. 
We had hidden the clue envelope in the Chinese Bird Cage
with the Paper Cranes Ellen had made on her 
Work Experience.
Made a fun morning. 
Thank you Julia for nominating us:))))

Visit The Old Art Room, we are preparing for Norfolk Open Studios
which starts at the end of this month.