Sunday, 1 February 2015

Dress Making

There are also dressmaking items to make in the studio and
Jo has become quite the shirt maker.
They are beautifully tailored and this time made with stripes,
(it's the matching up of patterns).
Sylvia has made several aprons from an 18ft cutwork
banqueting tablecloth.
We laid it out in the studio across four of the tables!
Sylvia very cleverly used the embroidery sections and cutwork
Both articles are beautifully finished and would fit
easily on,
"The Great British Sewing Bee'.
Which is back on our television this week.
We all laugh as one of my Health and Safety Tips
is 'No Needles and Pins in Mouths!"
My husband and students all yell at the telly 
when they see contestants doing it:)))
There was a great discussion in the studio, who would 
like to go on 'The Bee' and everyone agreed it's great
to watch but we wouldn't like to be put under that
pressure. So well done the contestants that do.
Another Textile Life rule is
'Never mix Paper Scissors  and Material Scissors!'

We all love Downton Abbey Too!