Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Keepsake Lace Pockets

I demonstrated how to make The Keepsake Lace Pockets this month and there have been so many variations, it is lovely. Here, Jo wanted to have a special place to keep her Mother and Father's Love letters inside of a box! What a wonderful thing to make to treasure such memories. Jo has been able to share these with her family and they have come to realise that they are more that personal letters they are a family archive of events and what was happening at the time. Jo made her pockets by recycling the lace from a linen table cloth and runner.

This year I am trying to encourage people to look out their treasures and store and archive them in a way to give them meaning. We all store so much bits and pieces and sorting them into a treasure or remaking them into something we can share means so much more.
See more of the pockets by clicking the labels below or visit my portfolio site to se my Lace Pockets and more Vintage Recycling HERE