Art Class

Do you want to learn how to start a painting or mixed media piece from the beginning? 
Learn how to use different techniques to use or  improve and enjoy your painting and drawing? 

The Old Art Room is a well stocked Mixed Media Art Studio. 

There is a different collection of Still Life Arrangements each week or you can enjoy your own theme. There is also guidance on how to Art Journal or create interesting sketchbooks.

Every Monday Morning there is a Mixed Media Art Session.
Warm up Drawing/ Still and Mark Making starts the session, a separate small sketchbook is helpful to collect and explore these activities. All tools and mediums are provided for this activity.
Jane gives tips and techniques throughout the session and help individuals enhance their own work and painting and drawing skills.

Art sessions on Monday at 10am - 12.15

Every Art Class starts with a warm up of mark making. Using different papers, mediums and tools.
This aids and enhances drawing, painting and opens the boxes in the brain:))

Drawing Skills

Different Medias 

Learn how to use Watercolours 

Japanese Teapot

Fresh Garlic

Abstracting Sunflowers on Canvas in Arylics

Autumn Still Life

Painting by Keran

Pumpkin Water Colour


Pencil Drawing 

House Leeks

Paintings by Ros

Orchid in Acrylic

Ballet Shoes

Hastings Boats

Pastel Painting

Ladies in Sarees

See more Inspiration by clicking HERE

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