'Print Friday' is nearly every week from 10am until 12.30.  It also includes Paper Craft such as Book Sculpture, Book Making, Journals, Sketchbooks, Card Making and Origami to extend the print into these areas. An ideal way of using the printing produced.

Would you like to learn how to create prints from start to finish using many different printing techniques and tools. Start with a piece of artwork, your own or a piece you are inspired by and then learn techniques to take it to print. Then take them into making your own cards, books or journals.

There is different types of Printing Techniques to try and progress in. This mixed media printing is on paper and fabric. The types of Printing include, Lino, Collagraphs, Drypoint, Screen Printing and making and using made made or your own stamps. We use recycled and traditional materials.

The studio has an Etching Press to use and lots of equipment so you can try out different techniques.

Students work.

Shells, Lino Print by Ros.

Collagraph by Jenny

Tinfoil Collagraph

Joan's Print Design

Kim's Elephant

Everyone has fun what ever they are printing.

Printing using Manufactured Stamps. The Studio has a large collection of stamps of many different topics ready to use.

Owl Monoprint

My Own Printing Blocks

The studio has dedicated areas for different activities and displays. The walls, shelves and surfaces are full of inspiration.

This is the shelf with some of my Indian carved wood blocks. See how they are carved by watching the video HERE

I printed tissue paper using an Indian wood block and then made it into a pom pom for a wall display.

See more of The Old Art Room Displays HERE

I laid out the Serendipity Cloth I brought back from Jaipur in the studio. I was surprised to see my tables were as long as the ones in the printers in Bagu.

Machine Embroidered Christmas Trees

Machine Embroidered Gold Christmas Tree

Vintage and Lace

  Look forward to seeing you develop your printing and have fun!

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