I have been lucky enough to have visited Inda many times.  I enjoy sharing all the  inspiration, techniques and experiences in the studio. Thank you to Jamie of Colouricious Trip and the fantastic group of fellow travellers for such a wonderful time.
See my India Sketchbook and art portfolio website for some of my work inspired by India. HERE 

Here is a taster of it,

See more of the sketchbook on my portfolio site

My Elephant was inspired by the ones I saw in Jaipur.

This is the video Jamie of Colouricious filmed after our amazing holiday. I make an appearance after Lesley.

This is the Hotel Meghniwas, a family run oasis in Jaipur.

These were some of the woodblock artisans and textiles they produced. (Video by Colouricious).

This video shows the making and craft of woodblock printing.

This video was made by Jamie explains Resist Printing and the textiles. I have so much respect for these artisans.

I would highly recommend a Textile Holiday with Jamie and Colouricious.

I love looking on You Tube for inspiration and these first videos are about the History of Indian Textiles, so inspirational!

Shisha Mirror Work which I thought might inspire. I am going to India with Colourious this time.

In this video it shows you how to apply stitch one variation of a Shisha.

This video shows you how to apply a square Shisha Mirror.

I have great respect for embroiderers around the world and this video shows the skill and dedication and necessity of Indian Embroiderers.

This video shows you how to make a large sequin flower.

I will be staying in Jaipur for ten days so there will be lots to see.

When I had to take down the displays in the studio, I really missed the colour and inspiration so set up a table of a selection of my India treasures.