Go Create

"Go Create", is The Old Art Room's Children's Art Club on the first Saturday of the month.
"Children's Sewing", the second Saturday ages 8 to 14 years 10-1.15 and £15

Ages 6 to 11 years.
Younger ones must be accompanied by a Guardian.

Costs £10 and includes materials, snack and a drink.

The workshop is run by Jane Clark a qualified teacher,  and is assisted by qualified helpers.
Parents can stay if they wish.
* Each session they  can make an item for themselves, a joint one for the studio and a card to give away.

Each Month there is a different inspiration and art media to try.

 Book to secure a place

 "Go Create" 
Saturday 8th August 10-12.15

Saturday July 2nd

Children's Sewing July 9th 

Lots of fun.

Dates in 2015 and what we did.

February 6th Lots of Fun at the Circus.

March  Mother's day Gifts and Fun Makes

April 11th  (due to Easter) Movable Art Board

May 9th (due to bank Holiday)

June 6th  Pop Up Card

July 4th Printing

August 8th (due to Bank Holiday). An Aquarium

September 5th  Cake Memo Board

October 3rd Autumn Magic Art 

November 7th Christmas Gifts

These are previous session photographs for 2014

March 1st  Was Printing Fun, Making some Mixed Media Cards and making a picture for the studio.

Lots of fun painting, printing and creating a piece of wall art for the studio wall. It looks great:)
Everyone took home their own wall art and a card they had made.

The Painted, Printed Wall Art has been put above the window in the studio.

Even Irene one of the Grandma's got to do some printing.

April 4th Easter Fun, Sticking, Glueing and making Cards.

May 10th Metal and Sparkle. Lots of Shimmer and Glitter.

June 7th Changing Colours. Different ways of creating art. 

July 5th Paper Making.

August  Holiday Workshop 'The Hungry Caterpilla'. Movable artwork.

September 6th Origami. A folded gift made from paper,card and embellishments.

October 4th Magic Art and October Fun.

November 1st Christmas Gifts.

* If there is young adults older than this club wanting to have assistance with art or portfolio's this can be arranged.